The Korea Foundation for Women (KFW) was established in December 1999 with a strong commitment to realize “A New Millennium for Our Daughters.” Collaboration of leaders from diverse groups beyond political affiliation and generations gave birth to the KFW, Korea’s first independent non-profit foundation for women, and opened a new chapter of history.

For the last decade the KFW has supported the activities of women’s organizations, with a firm belief that a society that “gives hope to our daughters” will lead to a promising future for both genders. We have assisted women in need with everyday necessities, health care fees, and emergency loans. We have assisted marriage migrant women to settle in their second homes. We have also offered women activists and social workers chances to improve their capacities for a better society. Through these works, the KFW has been recognized as a fair and transparent public institution.

The Korean society has institutionalized gender equality to a considerable level over the past few decades. Now is the time to bring in a de facto equal society. It is the time to correct the wrong treatment for women and the patriarchal mentality that still persist today, whether intended or unintended. Not only that, at this time, we need to promote the community sprit that grows the respect for diversity and equality for a sustainable future.

With the advent of a new decade, the KFW will continue to be a good partner for women who value and pursue equality, and who are considerate and giving. We especially would like to identify and support new, creative public interest activities and emerging women leaders that will lead a generational shift for betterment. We pledge to work with transparency and fairness, sensitively pay attention to the needs of the fields, and be consistently trustworthy.

In trust for your continued interest and support for the KFW, I wish happiness for all our partners and their families.

Pilwha Chang, Ph.D.
Chairperson Korea Foundation for Women